IPO Daily NewsTM

A quick read, the IPO Daily NewsTM is three to five concise paragraphs a day. It includes summaries of all patent and trademark opinions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the next day after opinions are issued and wire service stories of other selected IP cases.

IPO Participates in 29th NGO Coordination Meeting

IPO PARTICIPATES IN 29th NGO COORDINATION MEETING Last week IPO European Practice Committee Co-Chair MANISHA A. DESAI (UCB Biopharma) attended the 29th NGO Coordination Meeting on behalf of IPO. Th[...]

IPO Hosts IP5 Industry Meetings

IPO HOSTS IP5 INDUSTRY MEETINGS Over the last two weeks, IPO has hosted web meetings of IP5 Industry to discuss issues related to harmonization of patent office procedures. IP5 Industry includes as[...]

Former USPTO Director Says Patent Law Must Incentivize Innovation to Fight Pandemics

IP IN THE MASS MEDIA Former USPTO Director Says Patent Law Must Incentivize Innovations to Fight Pandemics On Wednesday Morning Consult published an op-ed by former USPTO Director DAVID KAPPOS dis[...]

USPTO Extends Relief Under CARES Act

USPTO EXTENDS RELIEF UNDER CARES ACT Yesterday the USPTO announced how it will handle waivers and extensions of deadlines for filing certain patent and trademark related documents and paying certai[...]

Listen to Stroke of Genius Season 3 Trailer

LISTEN TO STROKE OF GENIUS™ SEASON 3 TRAILER IPO Education Foundation is launching season 3 of the Stroke of Genius™ podcast today by posting the trailer! Listen now on [...]

Court Lacked Subject Matter Jurisdiction Where USPTO Had Not Taken Final Agency Action

*COURT LACKED SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION WHERE USPTO HAD NOT TAKEN FINAL AGENCY ACTION Odyssey Logistics and Tech. v. Iancu, 19-1066 -- On Friday in an opinion by Judge HUGHES, the F[...]

U.S. Copyright office Publishes Section 512 Report

U.S. COPYRIGHT OFFICE PUBLISHES SECTION 512 REPORT Yesterday the U.S. Copyright Office published a report on Section 512 of Title 17, the culmination of a years-long study undertaken upon request b[...]

Challenger Must Identify Specifics to Sustain Claim of Lack of Enablement

*CHALLENGER MUST IDENTIFY SPECIFICS TO SUSTAIN CLAIM OF LACK OF ENABLEMENT McRO, Inc. v. Bandai Namco Games America, 19-1557--Yesterday in an opinion by Judge TARANTO, the Federal Cir[...]

Federal Circuit Suspends In-Person Oral Arguments Until Further Notice

FEDERAL CIRCUIT SUSPENDS IN-PERSON ORAL ARGUMENTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE On Monday the Federal Circuit announced the suspension of in-person oral arguments until further notice in response to the COV[...]

Preamble Phrase Not Limiting for Apparatus Claims at Issue

*PREAMBLE PHRASE NOT LIMITING FOR APPARATUS CLAIMS AT ISSUE Cochlear Bone Anchored v. Oticon Medical AB, 2019-1105 -- On Friday in an opinion by Judge TARANTO, a split Federal Circuit[...]