IPO Daily NewsTM

A quick read, the IPO Daily NewsTM is three to five concise paragraphs a day. It includes summaries of all patent and trademark opinions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the next day after opinions are issued and wire service stories of other selected IP cases.

Economic Report of the President Discusses Intellectual Property

ECONOMIC REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT DISCUSSES INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Yesterday President of the U.S. DONALD TRUMP released the Economic Report of the President and The Annual Report of the Council of E[...]

35 U.S.C. Section 287 Continued to Limit Damages After Sales of Unmarked Products Ceased

*35 U.S.C. § 287 CONTINUED TO LIMIT DAMAGES AFTER SALES OF UNMARKED PRODUCTS CEASED Arctic Cat Inc. v. Bombardier Recreational, 19-1080 -- Yesterday in an opinion by Judge LOURIE, the[...]

IPO Comments on WIPO’s Draft Issues Paper on IP Policy and AI

IPO COMMENTS ON WIPO’S DRAFT ISSUES PAPER ON IP POLICY AND AI Late last week IPO President DANIEL STAUDT (Siemens Corp.) submitted IPO’s comments on a Draft Issues Paper on Intellectual Property Po[...]

Session on Ethics in Contract Negotiations During IPOwners Spring Summit

IP IN THE MASS MEDIA Sports Illustrated Discusses Trademark Dispute Between Inter Milan and Inter Miami Last week Sports Illustrated reported on a trademark dispute between Inter Milan and Major L[...]

Patentee Waived Time-Bar Argument in IPR Proceedings

*PATENTEE WAIVED TIME-BAR ARGUMENT IN IPR PROCEEDINGS Acoustic Tech., Inc. v. Itron Networked Sols., Inc., 19-1059, 19-1061 -- On February 13 in opinions by Judge REYNA, the Federal C[...]

“Place of Business” Requires Regular, Physical Presence of Employee or Agent to Establish Venue

***“PLACE OF BUSINESS” REQUIRES REGULAR, PHYSICAL PRESENCE OF EMPLOYEE OR AGENT TO ESTABLISH VENUE In re Google, 19-126 -- Yesterday in an opinion by Judge DYK, the Federal Circuit gr[...]

IPO Participates in Industry Trilateral Meetings

IPO PARTICIPATES IN INDUSTRY TRILATERAL MEETINGS An IPO delegation attended meetings of the Industry Trilateral this week in northern Virginia. IPO President DANIEL STAUDT (Siemens Corp.) who chair[...]

Join “Gender Diversity in Innovation Toolkit” Quarterly Call Today

JOIN "GENDER DIVERSITY IN INNOVATION TOOLKIT" QUARTERLY CALL TODAY Today IPO members will have access to a live discussion and Q&A on the Women in IP Committee's "Gender Diversity[...]

U.S. Cahrges Members of Chinese Military with Stealing Equifax Trade Secrets

IP IN THE MASS MEDIA U.S. Charges Members of Chinese Military with Stealing Equifax Trade Secrets Yesterday the New York Times reported that the U.S. charged four members of China’s People’s Liber[...]

IPR Reply Brief Arguments Should Have Been Considered

* IPR REPLY BRIEF ARGUMENTS SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED Apple, Inc. v. Andrea Elecs. Corp., 18-2382 -- On Friday in an opinion by Judge PLAGER, the Federal Circuit vacated and remande[...]