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Interested in speaking at an IPO event? Update your member profile to indicate your interest in speaking as well identify areas of interest and input demographics. IPO believes that having speakers with a variety of skill sets, across a range of industries, and representing different ethnicities, will enhance its programming, in-person and virtual. By updating your member profile, you will help IPO achieve this goal.

Need help? Please watch the video for a quick demo on how to sign-up and click the link below to UPDATE your speaker demographics on IPO CONNECT.

frequently asked questions

A: Every IPO member should be registered for an IPO Connect profile. If you are having issues signing in, please first try to reset your password. If that doesn’t work or you continue to have issues, feel free to reach out to for help.

A: While you do need to be an IPO member to update your speaker demographics, IPO does occasionally allow speakers who are not IPO members. You can always email to see if there is an open opportunity that might fit for you.

A: On your IPO Connect profile, there are a variety of fields that allow us to better choose speakers for events. While helpful, you do not need to submit all of these fields to be eligible to speak.