IPO Daily NewsTM

A quick read, the IPO Daily NewsTM is three to five concise paragraphs a day. It includes summaries of all patent and trademark opinions of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the next day after opinions are issued and wire service stories of other selected IP cases.

Copyright Remedy Clarification Act of 1990 Lacked Valid Constitutional Basis

***COPYRIGHT REMEDY CLARIFICATION ACT OF 1990 LACKED VALID CONSTITUTIONAL BASIS Allen v. Cooper, No. 18–877 -- Yesterday in an opinion by Justice KAGAN, the U.S. Supreme Court held that that the Co[...]

Mossinghoff Dies at 84

MOSSINGHOFF DIES AT 84 Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks GERALD J. MOSSINGHOFF died on Friday at the age of 84. Mossinghoff was a giant in the intell[...]

Method of Preperation Claims Were Patent-Eligible

** METHOD OF PREPARATION CLAIMS WERE PATENT-ELIGIBLE Illumina, Inc. v. Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc., 19-1419 -- On Tuesday in an opinion by Judge LOURIE, the Federal Circuit overturned a [...]

Sam Party Joinder, Joinder of New Issues Not Permitted in IPR

*** SAME PARTY JOINDER, JOINDER OF NEW ISSUES NOT PERMITTED IN IPR Facebook, Inc. v. Windy City Innovations, LLC, 18-1400 -- Yesterday in an opinion by Chief Judge PROST, the Federal [...]

Court Did not Abuse Discretion in Dismissing Declaratory Judgement

*COURT DID NOT ABUSE DISCRETION IN DISMISSING DECLARATORY JUDGEMENT ACTION Commc'ns Test Design v. Contec, LLC, 19-1672 -- On Friday in an opinion by Judge O’MALLEY, the Federal Circu[...]

IPR Decision Was Based on Erroneous Claim Construction

*IPR DECISION WAS BASED ON ERRONEOUS CLAIM CONSTRUCTION Personal Media Commc’ns, LLC v. Apple Inc., 18-1936 -- On Friday in an opinion by Judge STOLL, the Federal Circuit overturned p[...]

Update on IPO and IPO Foundation Events in April and May

UPDATE ON IPO AND IPO FOUNDATION EVENTS IN APRIL AND MAY Due to recent developments and restrictions on travel and gatherings due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, the following events have been cancell[...]

A Note About Preparedness and Continuation of Operations

A NOTE ABOUT PREPAREDNESS AND CONTINUATION OF OPERATIONS IPO and IPO Education Foundation have taken prudent steps to ensure that services for our members and donors will continue uninterrupted ami[...]

House, Senate Judiciary Leaders Introduce Trademark Modernization Act

HOUSE, SENATE JUDICIARY LEADERS INTRODUCE TRADEMARK MODERNIZATION ACT Yesterday House Judiciary Committee Chair JERROLD NADLER (D-N.Y.) and Ranking Member DOUG COLLINS (R-Ga.), House IP Subcommitte[...]

Eko Sues Mobile Video Platform Quibi for Patent Infringement, Trade Secret Theft

IP IN THE MASS MEDIA Eko Sues Mobile Video Platform Quibi for Patent Infringement, Trade Secret Theft Yesterday Variety reported that interactive video platform Eko sued the mobile video platform [...]