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Accelerating Investment for Startups and SMEs

November 30 - December 1

Accelerating Investment for Startups and SMEs is a one-stop shop event for tech startups to address their most burning issues—and have them answered—in two short days.

Bringing together tech investors and innovators, accelerators, members of government, regulators and all other major stakeholders within the startup ecosystem to collaborate and share best practice strategies for driving investment, innovation, inspiration, protection and market growth.

Join our showcase of leaders as they share insights:

  • Investor’s perspective: Uncovering the key criteria tech investors are looking for in order to strike a deal
  • Maximizing your valuation: Exploring the essential elements you need to incorporate for optimal business worth
  • Multiplying your business value: Providing you with the tools to effectively allocate your budget, protect your market position, gain a competitive advantage and scale up
  • Lessons learned from today’s tech trailblazers: The stories behind their products, their journeys, and how they managed to vanquish stumbling blocks