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Member Benefits

IPO Members can access special tools related to the Gender Diversity in Innovation Toolkit including WIPO data for your company on the number of PCT applications with at least one female inventor named.

To access the Member forum along with these other benefits, click here.

DOWNLOADING THE TOOLKIT: The full toolkit is embedded below in PDF format. If you would like to download a PDF copy, scroll past the embedded portion and find the small download link on the bottom left of the PDF:

Diversity in Innovation Toolkit

Toolkit - Final delivered 1.28.22 (standard pdf)

Listen Now – Key Speeches on Diversity and Inclusion from 2019 IPO Annual Meeting

USPTO Director ANDREI IANCU and EPO President ANTÓNIO CAMPINOS promote diversity and inclusion and inspiring and enabling future inventors and entrepreneurs during a fireside chat at 2019 IPO Annual Meeting.

WNBA Commissioner CATHY ENGELBERT discussed trends and shifts facing today’s business leaders regarding innovation in the keynote speech at the 2019 IPO Annual Meeting.

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